Amy Prawitz


Did you know what you wanted to be when you were 12? Amy did. She loved tearing fashion stories from the pages of Vogue, Glamour & Elle and plastering them all over the walls of her bedroom. Little did she know that this visual drive to be inspired by the endless interpretations of style, shape & color would be how she would someday make her living—ultimately, living her dream.

Amy entered the industry in front of the camera. As a 14-year-old model with a fashion obsession, she was intrigued by every aspect of “the business.” She was constantly observing and absorbing who did what, how the concept was taking shape and what could be done to make the visuals even more compelling. Her path was revealing itself before her eyes, and she naturally followed it to art school. Upon graduating with an art degree, she landed her first small agency job. And that was just the beginning.

After spending almost 15 years progressing through the creative ranks of a fashion retail department store, she joined the ranks of freelancers. Her clients include Eddie Bauer, j.jill, Nordstrom, Garnet Hill, Kohl’s, American Girl, Orvis, Vera Bradley, Bon-Ton, Amazon and Belk to name a few.  

She spends any precious downtime with the MOST important beings in the world—her amazing husband, their beautiful teenage son, and her two Weimaraners.